About US

It all started when…

we met on that fateful day in Department's St Martin's Courtyard branch, where Maiya almost failed her trial by awkwardly putting coffee all over the counter and not into the basket of a portafilter. As Brenda watched idly by sipping a filter coffee, she thought, "Who's this chump?"

Fast forward to 2018, and as a duo, we’ve worked behind the bar in high intensity environments, developed training programs, roasted coffee and managed stores together within the London speciality scene. Learning as much as possible from friends within the industry, we have created Midas Coffee from both our experience throughout the years and our strong desire to grow as team.

Our main goal and aim is to make sure with each event we do, the speciality coffee experience is delivered on a personable level. Partnering Curve Coffee Roasters with Brades Milk, we think we’ve found a gold combo and we hope you think the same too.