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Curve Coffee

Curve is a speciality coffee roastery based in Margate, East Kent.

We're dedicated to responsibly sourcing the most interesting fresh crop green coffee we can get our hands on and roasting it to bring out the best of its intrinsic flavours. 

Our goal is to make speciality coffee inspiring, accessible and sustainable. We strive to be at the forefront of the speciality coffee industry, constantly exploring, learning and improving. We're determined to become an acknowledged source of coffee and education and nurture the growing speciality coffee community in the Kent area as well as to make positive contribution toward enhancement of the vibrant global speciality coffee community.

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Our goal is to produce the most consistent milk possible, but also to maximise the welfare of our beautiful cows. As we don’t want our cows to be forced to go outside in inclement Lancashire weather, we came up with ‘Freedom to Choose’. We redesigned the infrastructure of the farm and installed a bridge connecting the Jersey housing to two gorgeous adjacent pastures, separated by a stream. Our Jerseys now have the choice, during sunny summer days, whether to stay indoors or loaf in the pasture. We find that on a sunny day around half of our Jerseys choose to go outside and half choose to stay indoors. On rainy days, our cows outside race for cover and soon the field is empty. This allows us to continue to optimise the quality and consistency of the milk, by maintaining control of the diet of a portion of the cows, whilst giving them the option to graze. 

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We want to show you how good tea can be, when it’s done right.

We start by sourcing and curating a collection of award-winning, whole leaf teas from around the world. 

Whether it’s a rich and robust black tea, or a delicate and sweet Chinese green, we work hard to find, taste and select teas from farms and co-operatives around the world, always looking for something special that will stand up on its own without blending or flavouring.

We then focus on brewing each tea to bring out the best possible flavour in every cup. Each and every one of our tea bags is 100% plastic free, making doing tea properly simple yet environmentally sustainable.

As a team of passionate brewers, blenders, tasters, curators and, perhaps most importantly, drinkers of delicious tea, we get excited about getting others excited about tea.



In 2005, Nick and Camilla Barnard set out to create the world’s most enjoyable muesli. As well as being face-meltingly delicious, this Ultimate Muesli turned out to be incredibly good for you. Twelve years later, it’s still blowing people’s pyjamas off, and it’s been joined by a huge range of Rude Health cereals, snacks and drinks made using the best of the best ingredients.

You’re in rude health when… You skip ropes not meals.  You skinny dip, even when you're not skinny. You start a breakfast brand from your kitchen table.

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Mork Chocolate

Mörk Chocolate is a small business. We have one foot in the world of fine chocolate and one in the world of specialty coffee, with over ten years of professional experience. “Mörk” is Swedish for dark, and the name speaks both to our shared history and our devotion to dark, pure chocolate.

We have always loved chocolate: one of us since the age of three, sneaking downstairs many a winter night to steal the foil-wrapped chocolate santas from off the Christmas tree, careful to hide the wrappers where no one would find them; the other ever since the very first meeting with that same girl, then an experienced chocolatier, while she was demonstrating the tempering of dark chocolate at a coffee roastery in Sweden.



Matchæologist® ( 抹茶オロジスト) is an artisanal matcha green tea specialist that develops award-winning ranges of Japanese matcha with an aim to define the ultimate #MatchaRitual experience. Our approach is to introduce a modern perspective to the ancient tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony by preparing matcha in a minimalist way for an epicurean tasting experience, while providing education on the joys and benefits to be found in the daily drinking of this ceremonial delicacy.

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We’re Galeta, the East London bakery with an oven that creates award-winning, 100% natural hand-made cakes, cookies, tarts and macarons. Our first market stall on London’s King’s Road sold out in under two hours. The seven years since has seen things snowball - our simple recipe of flair, expertise and quality charming fans nationwide. By 2012 we had our offices in Hackney, east London up and running – selling cakes, cookies and other goodies all over the country.